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23rd November 2013
Forest Row vs Keymer & Hassocks

K & H made the long trek to Forest Row to take the high flying locals.They anticipated a tough game against their seemingly rather arrogant opponents who were much younger and fitter and this proved to be a determining feature in the outcome

The first half was pretty evenly contested with Pete Williamson having the best chance when he broke clear but made it easy for the keeper with a tame shot

The second saw FR hit K & H hard early on and it paid off when a shot from outside the area found its way into the net through a ruck of players which resulted in a ridiculous somersault celebration.This effectively killed off the contest and FR were able to extend their lead quite easily assisted by an og and penalty.Incredibly at 4-0 up one of the dignitaries shouted they could still do it despite the 12 men thereby suggesting  it could be inferred the referee was biased!

The game had been a difficult one for the Ref as there were numerous stoppages-FR will have their own view but K & H cannot remember a game where they have been fouled so many times with for example James Harris appearing to be wacked  virtually every time he went up for a header

With the FR players then starting to take the mickey out of K & H the game ended on sour terms with the teams not liking each other much-sadly K & H will have to visit them again but hopefully long into the future

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