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Milestone Matches the final chapter


10/9/2011 6-0 home win v Sporting Crawley-very strange game SC were all over us in first half perhaps understandably saying we were a rubbish team at half time despite score being 0-0.However the second half was a complete reversal as they were blown away with some tremendous strikes

29/10/11 6-1 away win at Uckfield-we were not happy with our earlier fixture v Uckfield as we
Were beaten in controversial circumstances.We did gain some measure of payback as it happened with Robert Kift running riot hitting 4 goals

5/11/2011 2-0 win in cup v Dormansland-the last time we met we were battered 10-1-this time we put up a much better show as we deservedly won with Duncan O’Reilly having his best ever match for the Club setting up one goal and scoring another

12/11/2011 6-1 win away to Ifield-Robert Kift was unwell on way to the game and although started was clearly below his best as was the team as we spluttered to 1-1 at half time.However he made a remarkable  recovery to hit a hat-trick in the second half

21/1/12 1-0 cup semi win away to Copthorne-on a bumpy pitch in strong wind K & H put in a great defensive display to keep Copthorne at bay until deep in the second half when Toby Raftery finally hit the winner so reaching yet another final—with mixed feelings

14/4/12 1-1 draw home to Framfield & Blackboys.Farcical end to the game as the Referee decided to
Abandon the game for no good reason we believed with only a few minutes to go.We were duly charged by the SCFA but it was thrown out at a personal hearing and the result stood

17/4/12 Mowatt Cup Final 1-0 loss to Ditchling.Lousy end to the season rubbish game.Former hero Robert Kift seemingly suffered a crisis of confidence being a shadow of his former self.Effectively playing with ten men the game was duly conceded


3/11/2012 5-1 win at home to Lindfield-notable for a rare appearance by Robert Kift
-one of the few times he turned up-scored a brace

17/11/2012 1-0 win at home to Crawley Portuguese-first encounter with these newcomers
A very well contested game which seemed to be heading for a draw until Andy Waterman came on for the last twenty minutes and soon found himself in possession with room to run which he did all the way into the area finding the back of the net with ease

5/1/13 3-2 home win v Copthorne.Copthorne had steamrollered us 4-1 in an earlier encounter although the team that day was a bit patched up.They arrived with an air of confidence clearly expecting to win and so it looked as they went 2-0 up but then James Brown suddenly came to life up front and hit two to level the scores.Copthorne became a bit rattled and the game was won when Stuart Thompson dived full length to head home from a free kick

16/2/13 1-0 win away to Lindfield-K & H started brightly and went ahead when Toby Raftery
Scored from close range.However the game swung very much Lindfield’s way as K & H started to unravel.The contest became a rearguard action as they struggled to keep Lindfield at bay.Gary Thomas epitomising the spirit of the team when he made a last ditch save at the price of a broken nose

5/1/2013 4-2 loss home to Smallfield-one of the nastiest encounters ever at Adastra.The runaway leaders did not take kindly to being 2-0 down at half time and the second half was a poisonous affair with Jon Ruffle having to be carried off.Smallfield’s class told as they clearly dominated the second half.K & H decided they had no desire to ever play them again so conceded the return fixture later in the season

30/3/13 0-0 draw away to Ifield.The start was held up for 20 minutes because Ifield had socks which did not correspond with their home kit and clashed with K & H’s.The Ref insisted they change so a trip had to be made to get some replacements.The temperature was below freezing so the players were in some discomfort when match finally got going.The main incident occurred in the second half when Dan Goodrum hit a firm shot goalwards which rebounded to him off the keeper and  this time he made no mistake.However their lino put his flag up for offside against another player.
Th Ifield lads appeared to have no quarrel and everyone assumed the Ref was going over to tell the lino he was happy with the goal.However he then proceeded to have a long discussion going on for nearly five minutes during which time he allowed the Ifield lads to be in attendance but waived any K & H players away.Everyone was astounded when he then ruled the goal out and there could have been some unpleasantness but the Ifield boys where a good bunch and both sets of players where then happy for the game to end as soon as possible

6/4/13 5-0 win away to Ardingly.A game remarkable for the number of chances spurned by K & H-the score really could have been in double figures.That said Ben Watson powered in a rare header from a Richard Thompson free kick and Lewis Taylor guesting from the reserves scored as soon as he came on.Finally an element of farce when Taylor put Toby Raftery in who stopped momentarily as he was so far offside but their lino said it was ok despite pleas from his players so he went on and scored

24/4/13 2-1 loss at home to Ditchling- a real edge to this game.Ditchling had a strong line up and the game was very physical with the Ref allowing as much licence as he could.Kieron Leahy came in for a rare appearance and it was hoped his physical presence would make a difference but the Ref was on his case a lot and he was withdrawn to save the risk of a sending off.Pat Harding who was also guesting  got the K & H goal from close range.K & H felt they could have had a draw but for the quality of the away keeper

4/5/13 2-1 loss away to Felbridge.Final game of the season on a hard pitch.K & H risked Ben Watson and Jon Ruffle as centre backs despite them carrying injuries whilst up the front James Harris stepped in and rolled back the years with a fine first half during which he scored and could easily have had a second.This game marked the end of the 10th season for K & H and it is remarkable to note that he was also on the scoresheet in our first ever game all those years ago.Despite a good opening  everything started to go wrong when Watson & Ruffle both had to come off during the first half and it was a struggle then to stay in the game.That said a draw could have been earned when Robert Kift came on near the end and hit a shot goalwards-Andy Waterman pounced to finish it off but inexplicably hit it wide from inches out.It took some days and much counselling before he was able to face up to the extent of what he had done

31/8/13 2-1 win away to Framfield & Blackboys-K & H have always struggled against this side but on this day they recorded an historic win.Both sides appeared somewhat depleted and K & H started as if they had forgotten how to play.The game was remarkable for the dreadful performance of the referee and the last ever sending off for club captain Ben Watson for retaliating against an opponent who had kicked him twice.The Ref tried to get Ben done for 2 offences but the amateur legal wing of the Club sprung into action and the second charge was thrown out by The SCFA on appeal following and impassioned closing speech by key advocate Adam Ewens

2/11/13 0-3 win away to Furnace Green Galaxy-K & H expected a fairly easy win in this one given apparent form of both sides but FGG had easily the better of the first 30 minutes.Of note was Adam Ewen’s performance-apparently still very inebriated from the previous night and with a strong wind hard pitch and sun in his eyes to contend with he nevertheless turned in an excellent display during the first half-which he later disclosed he had not much memory of
12/4/14 1-1 draw away to Furnace Green Rovers-eventual League winners-cocky bunch clearly expected to win but K & H put in one of their gutsiest displays battling for everything and with a weakened side too.They almost pulled off the win with Ian Parsons superb solo effort save for a deflected last minute equaliser
19/4/14 0-4 to Forest Row with another hopelessly weak side out K & H could not get anywhere near their opponents who probably were the second best side they have ever met in the Club’s history after Dormansland, but unlike Dormansland they behaved as if they all had a bad smell under their noses
26/4/14 The final act in the drama of K & H FC was well scripted as they were paired with old rivals East Court who had beaten them 4-3 back in September.Amazingly for this game K & H were at full strength for the game excepting keeper Gary Thomas who pulled out for the umpteenth time but no matter.After riding out the first half one nil down they attacked like the K & H of old with speed down both wings and pressure on the back four to pull off a truly fitting conclusion to the 11 year saga that was Keymer & Hassocks FC


Games Played 290
Won 167 win rate 57.6%
Drawn 36
Lost 85
Goals scored 755 - 2.6 per game
Goals conceded 494 -1.7 per game

Total number of players used in the 11 years ---100

Top scorers and strike rate
Toby Raftery 147 in 244 – 1.66
Stuart Thompson 83 in 154 - 1.85
James Harris 67 in 136 – 2.03

Best strike rate
Rob Kift 0.91 -- 35 in 32
Toby Raftery 1.66 - 147/244
Lewis Taylor 1.67 - 18/30

Hat tricks
Toby Raftery 12
Rob Kift 6
Stuart Thompson 4

Most goals in a game
Toby Raftery 6 re Hillview 11/9/04

Best win 10-3 Dormansland 15/9/07
Worst loss 1-10 Dormansland 10/4/10

Club captains
2003-2007 Wayne Hamilton
2007-2014 Ben Watson

Myles Eade 2003-2004
Neil Smith 2004-2007
Craig Jackson 2007-2012
Gary Thomas 2012-2014

Most Cautions/sendings off

Probably a tie Ben Watson and James Emmens

Most sendings off in single game - 4 v Newick 25/2/06

Number of games abandoned 2

25/2/06 v Newick
14/4/12 v Framfield & Blackboys

Referees who impressed top 3 in order
1 Mr D Austin-Jones
2 M M Hunsworth
3 Mr J Doctrove

Those less so
1 Mr J Harding
2 Mr G Manville-Dickens
3 Mr A Cork

So what was the strongest line up based on the 11 years and 100 players used


Craig Jackson

Matt Thomas Ben Watson Troy Raftery Duncan O’Reilly
Stuart Thompson Joe Davey Gregor Ross James Emmens
James Harris Toby Raftery

but 3 subs could easily interchange

Ian Smith Fin Fogarty Wayne Hamilton

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