Keymer & Hassocks Football Club. Playing Football in Hassocks at Adastra Park since 2003

5th December 2009
Lindfield vs Keymer & Hassocks
Div 2

K & H earned their latest defeat away to a very average Lindfield side going down 5-2 on a pudding of a pitch.

They felt they had done quite well in the first half defending the slope turning round 2-1 down but were killed off by the most ridiculous penalty ever awarded against them when one of the Lindfield players slipped and fell in the sea of mud that was the penalty area.Their noses were further rubbed in it when Jo Davey managed to get behind their defence but was bought down from behind on the edge of the area with just the goalie in his way-the Ref declared it was not a goalscoring opportunity and did not even caution the offender leaving the K & H players pondering what was going on to the extent that they effectively capitulated.

For the record Troy Raftery has climbed to joint top scorer following his 2 opportunist efforts whilst Dan Southcombe added his name to the list of failed captains the responsibility proving too much as he was struck dumb for the whole 90 minutes.





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